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It feels good to give!

Your donation means that more lives are changed, and more families have hope. Thank you for supporting adults with disabilities at Day Spring!


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Your gifts, both large and small, will help us to achieve our mission of empowering adults with disabilities to live joyful and fulfilling lives.

Day Spring provides hope to families who seek exceptional care and a loving home for their loved one with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We represent a diverse workforce and our agency serves people with disabilities across seven Kentucky counties. Day Spring celebrates each person's unique background and individuality, taking pride in the unifying mission of being one big family.

Day Spring staff are committed to discovering creative and innovative approaches to transforming the world for people with developmental disabilities. Day Spring employs an enthusiastic team of dedicated, well-trained staff who provide high-quality person-centered support and services for adults with developmental disabilities.

Your support will directly impact the daily lives of the residents at Day Spring.